Medoz Winter Knight of Kingsmark x Cheetahsden Kasha Shanti



























Cheetahsden Knight in Shining Armor entered "On Safari" March 22, 2013.
On Safari is the largest Bengal cat show in the world.  Our incredibly
wild-looking "Shine" held his own against some very pretty kitties
and came away with a Best Kitten at the Congress from Judge
Kim Chenault, a 5th Best of Congress from Judge Sharon
Kalani and a 7th Best of Congress from Judge Vickie
Fisher.  He was tied for BEST BENGAL KITTEN in
the Congress and received seven finals for the
rest of the show.  We are proud of this boy!






















































































~ Twelve Weeks Old ~







~ Eleven Weeks Old ~















Winter (left) and Shine (right)

~ Ten Weeks Old ~


~ Nine Weeks Old ~






















~ Eight Weeks Old ~









~ Seven Weeks Old ~



Cooper (left) and Shine (right)







~ Six Weeks Old ~















~ Five Weeks Old ~






~ Four Weeks Old ~













~ Three Weeks Old ~






~ Two Weeks Old ~






~ One Week Old ~





~ One Day Old ~





~ Hours Old ~