Retired Studs

This page is dedicated to the boys who
have produced kittens for us.

Without the past, there is no future.


Cheetahsden Jungle Jack - RETIRED

Cheetahsden Treasure Island - RETIRED


Bahiya Painted Ripples


Exoticrose Pinball Wizard - RETIRED

Cheetahsden Oisin - RETIRED

 Chloes Painted Spirit of AdventureBeach - RETIRED

Medoz Winter Knight of Kingsmark - RETIRED

 Tohearts Too Hot of Lonestar - RETIRED

Junglebook Sanjiv of Cheetahsden - RETIRED


Exoticrose Trail Blazer - RETIRED


 Cheetahsden Chainlink - RETIRED


Exoticrose Captain Fantastic - DECEASED

Snowyspots Tsamurai - RETIRED

Cheetahsden Some Like It Hot - RETIRED

Snowyspots Wasabi - RETIRED

Exoticrose Roshan - RETIRED


Cheetahsden Tsunami - RETIRED

Kingsmark Chances Are of Epsilon - RETIRED


Cheetahsden Sxnu - RETIRED

Exoticrose DeNiro - RETIRED

Epsilon Wild Thing - RETIRED


Cheetahsden Kai - RETIRED


Dreamquest Kalahari - RETIRED


Exoticrose Rikki Tikki Tabby - RETIRED



Exoticrose Lover Boy - RETIRED

 Cheetahsden Wild Recall - RETIRED


Trollspotting Gattamelatta - RETIRED


Cheetahsden Czar Boo - RETIRED


~ Experience the thrill of a Cheetahsden Bengal ~