Retired Queens

This page is dedicated to the girls who
have produced kittens for us.

Without the past, there is no future.


We had hoped Catkins would find a home that loved
her as much as we do, but no one came along for her.
She will stay with us forever.  We love her to pieces
and she is so sweet and funny and brightens our life.

Cheetahsden I'm So Catkins - RETIRED AND AVAILABLE

We call this girl Monkey and she is very close to
our family and even our extended family.
Everyone melts when they meet this
sweet girl. She is vocal and loves
to talk, so she will need a
very special home.

Cheetahsden Catkins Incognito - RETIRED AND PLACED

 We call this girl, Inki.  Inki is one of those cats that
could drive someone crazy.  But she found
a wonderful and fun home with Peyton
and Stephanie from Frisco, Texas.

Exoticrose Madagascar - RETIRED AND PLACED

I have always loved this beautiful, long and lean
girl.  Her breeder wanted her to be a pet, so
she has been retired.  Maddie has joined
the loving home of Roger from Dallas,
Texas, to be a pampered queen.

Cheetahsden Kasha Shanti

 Kasha is one of my all-time favorites.  I know I say
that about all of them, but she is very special
to me.  She met Shelly and Arika, from
Bedford, Texas, and they adore her
as much as I do, so she will soon
join her loving forever home.

Beechwood Artemisia of Cheetahsden

 We call this girl, Daisy.  Daisy is one of those cats
that takes your breath away when you watch
her slink through the house.  She truly has
wild-essence that is amazing to witness.
She has now joined Don in Billings,
Montana, and is loved dearly.

Exoticrose Island Girl of Cheetahsden RETIRED AND PLACED

I love this girl more than words could ever express.
She is one of the smartest, most beautiful cats
ever.  I am grateful to have her son to carry
on her legacy, as Catalina retires, into
the loving home with Brad from
Arlington, Texas.

Rockymeountain Skye - RETIRED AND AVAILABLE

is a fun, older female that loves to go for walks on her
harness.  She is not a fan of being held, but loves company
and likes to talk to her humans. She likes pets, but has
areas that are off-limits and she will let you know where
those areas are with a quick swat or pretend bite.  She
will need a special home with someone that reads
cats' body language, or she will stay here forever.

Cheetahsden Maya Shanti - RETIRED AND PLACED

Maya is a beautiful, silky-soft girl that is super
sweet.  Maya lives with a high-school friend,
Tracy in Abilene, Texas, and we could not
be more thrilled with her new home.

Sehnsational Fanlettah - RETIRED AND PLACED

Fanlettah is gorgeous and very loving.  She
has been adopted by Sabrina and
Scotty and their loving family.

Cheetahsden Illusions Legacy - RETIRED AND PLACED

Legacy is full of energy and has the cutest little
button face.  She has been adopted by
Julia and her loving family and is
now best friends with Lady.

Cheetahsden Maui - RETIRED AND PLACED

 Maui is a gorgeous, long-bodied girl with an outstanding pattern.  I love to watch this girl move - she looks like
she is walking out of the jungle.  Maui is retired and lives
a wonderful life with William and Julie from Issaquah, Washington, along with Cheetahsden Dharma.

Cheetahsden Tshimi - RETIRED AND PLACED

Tshimi is a beautiful girl and had one litter of kittens.
Her kittens were beautiful, but she did not like
the life of a breeding queen.  She is now
living the good life with Mandi and
Chance from Houston, Texas.

Cheetahsden Samara - RETIRED AND PLACED

Samara is our clown - full of fun and mischief.  She is
the daughter of Cheetahsden Catkins and mother of
Cheetahsden Head Over Heels "Misca" and silliness runs
in the family.  We were happy to get Misca to carry
on her legacy, so Sammi could be the center of
attention for her new family.  Sammi lives with
Josh and Lauren of Vancouver, Washington.

Cheetahsden Terzas Legacy - RETIRED AND PLACED

Terzas is one of our all-time favorites.  She is
as sweet as they come and, although we will
miss her dearly, she was chosen by Christina
 and Joey and her friend, Cheetahsden Dude.

Cheetahsden Lady Bug - RETIRED AND PLACED

Lady Bug has joined Melissa and her adorable
girls in Austin, Texas.  Bug loves to talk and we
will certainly miss her endless conversations.  We
could not be more thrilled with Bug's new home. 

Epsilon Ashanti of Cheetahsden - RETIRED AND PLACED

 Ashanti is one of those cats that has a special place
in my heart.  She produced some gorgeous kittens and
we kept Cheetahsden Maya Shanti and Cheetahsden
Kasha Shanti to carry on her legacy.  Ashanti is retired
and in the loving home of Ann from Dallas, Texas,
along with Cheetahsden Ariel and Cheetahsden Elliott.

Goldspurr Tir Na Nog of Cheetahsden - RETIRED AND PLACED

Tir Na Nog is a beauty - truly ahead of her time in marble patterns.   She out-produced herself with every litter and
we have some of our best cats from her.   She has been
adopted into her forever home with Becky and Ken
from Austin, Texas, and we could not be more happy.

Cheetahsden Tsakura - RETIRED AND PLACED

Tsakura has one of my favorite looks.  But she had two
c-sections, so it was in her best interest to retire.  It
was a sad decision, but we are excited to have Shoga-
Yaki - same breeding.  Tsakura is now living the
good life with Kirby from Stephenville, Texas.

Cheetahsden Fiona - RETIRED AND PLACED

I love this beautiful Tir Na Nog daughter.  Sadly,
due to complications during delivery, we chose
to spay her.  Fiona has a soft demeanor and
is now in her new loving home with of
Mike and Mary in Mesquite, Texas. 

Exoticrose Destiny - RETIRED AND PLACED

I love this girl to pieces and she produced some amazing kittens for Cheetahsden.  Some of the best bodies and
rosettes were placed on her kittens.  Ken and Diane
kept a girl from Destiny for their breeding program.
Desi Doo is now living the life of a the ultimate queen
 in the home of Jimmy and Diane from Austin, Texas. 

Sehnsational Cheerlettah - RETIRED AND PLACED

Cheerlettah is a beautiful girl.  We could not decide
between Cheerlettah or her sister, so we kept both.  Unfortunately, for us, she wanted to be a princess, not
queen.  We will be keeping her sister in our program
and Cheerlettah will soon be joining the loving home
of Drew and Alanna from Spring Branch, Texas.  We
love her dearly, but could not be more happy for her.

Heritage MeMe of Cheetahsden - DECEASED

MeMe was an incredible asset to our breeding
program and has passed her beauty on to so
many of her kids and grandkids - like Kai, Heads
'n Tails, Tsunami, Catkins, Kalahari, Illusion -
just to name a few.  We will miss you always!!

Cheetahsden Crystal Purrfection - RETIRED AND PLACED

With her chinchilla-soft pelt, this girl is nothing short
of spectacular, with a beautiful, butter-yellow
background and all-over rosettes.  Purr is retired
and lives with Bill from Duvall, Washington, along
with her daughter, Cheetahsden Kate.

Cheetahsden Ivory Fantasy aka "Fiona" - RETIRED AND PLACED

Ivory is very special to us.  She has a very sweet
personality and has been chosen by Kevin and
Shae from Shreveport, Louisiana, where she
lives with canine siblings, Koda and Lily.

Cheetahsden Tsumatra - RETIRED AND PLACED

Tsumatra was an incredible asset to our breeding program
and has passed her beauty on to many of her kids and grandkids - like Exoticrose Pinball Wizard, Exoticrose
Amber, Rockymeountain Athos  and Exoticrose Rikki
Tikki Tabby - to name a few.  Tsumatra is retired
and now queen of her very own home with
Chuck and Judy from Issaquah, Washington.

Cheetahsden Mercedes - RETIRED AND PLACED

 Mercedes has a wonderful, wild look and it was so disappointing to retire her from my program.  But
she is now the center of attention at the loving
home of Doug and Susan in Arkansas, and is
friends with her new feline brother, Simon. 

Junglebook Illustrated Fantasy - DECEASED

We are sad to announce that Fancy passed away
during complications of pregnancy.   She will for-
ever be in our hearts and will be deeply missed.

Cheetahsden Moscato - RETIRED AND PLACED

Moscato is a gorgeous girl with a fabulous balance
of structure and beauty.  Unfortunately for us, she
decided motherhood was not for her.  She produced
an adorable litter for Mike and Julie in Leavenworth,
Washington, and is now their beloved pet.

Cheetahsden Pebbles - RETIRED AND PLACED

Pebbles has always been my son's girl.  Before
retiring Pebbles, we wanted to make sure her
sister was going to be a good momcat, so we
held onto Pebbles.  Monkey has turned out to
be an excellent mom, so we are excited for
Pebbles to retire and join her favorite humans,
Jeremy and Sam, from Frisco, Texas, along
with her baby Cheetahsden Meowbert.

Cheetahsden Kimani - RETIRED AND PLACED

Our sweet angel, Kimi, has been chosen by Robin
from Pflugerville, Texas, to fill her loving home
with the joy of this amazing girl.  We will always
have a place in our hearts for our lovely Kimani.

Cheetahsden Head Over Heels - RETIRED AND PLACED

This line will always hold a special place in my heart.
The lovely Cheetahsden Head Games will carry
on the legacy, as Misca enjoys the life
of retirement in Abilene, Texas.

Cheetahsden Liberty - RETIRED AND PLACED

Another gorgeous girl down from the stunning
Cheetahsden Heads 'n Tails line.  We have
kept her younger sister Kisca, so Liberty
has joined her forever family with
Tara in Weatherford, Texas.

Snowyspots Shoga Yaki of Cheetahsden - RETIRED AND PLACED

Shoga is a very sweet kitty and loves endlessly.
She has been chosen to join Mike, Krista and
Fallon from Lubbock, Texas, where she
has now retired to live like a queen.


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