This girl is very special to my heart. I lost her grandmother, Catkins, this year after
the arrival of this beautiful angel. She was named in memory of Catkins,
who will forever remain in my heart. I knew I was going to keep any
kitten from this cross. Lucky me, this girl is GORGEOUS! Not only
does she have a beautiful head and amazing structure, but
her pattern is equally stunning, with smaller spots with
an incredible pulling flow and a buttery background
that make the contrast really pop. But beauty
is only a part of this baby, her personality
is tops! We are super excited to add
Catkins Journey to our program. 

     HCM results  -  NORMAL  -  February 2019
Katie Meier, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM, Cardiology
(10 months)

 PK-Deficiency results - N/N - NORMAL

Bengal PRA results - N/N - NORMAL


Journey is 10 Generations from Asian Leopard Cats CENTERWALL and KABUKI