RW SGC Tohearts UB Too Hot of Lonestar x Cheetahsden I'm So Catkins

















Inki's mom Monkey (left) and Inki (right)




Inki (left) and Inki's Grandmother Catkins (right)





















Cheetahsden Monkey See Monkey Do entered "On Safari" March 21, 2014
at four months old.  On Safari is the largest Bengal cat show in the
world.  Our incredibly wild-looking "Inki" held her own against
some very pretty kitties and came away with a Best Kitten
at the Congress from Judge Harley Devilbiss, a 4th Best
of Congress from Judge Fate Mays and a 7th Best of
Congress from Judge LindaJean Grillo.  She was
also BEST BENGAL KITTEN female in the
Congress and was voted Breeder's
 Choice Wildest Looking Bengal
by our peers.

  We are proud of this girl!











~ Twelve Weeks Old ~












~ Eleven Weeks Old ~



~ Ten Weeks Old ~










~ Nine Weeks Old ~









~ Eight Weeks Old ~


















Inki (left ) and Tevy (right)




~ Seven Weeks Old ~








Inki, Pumpkin, Autumn and Maizey (left to right)

~ Six Weeks Old ~



















~ Five Weeks Old ~






~ Four Weeks Old ~












~ Three Weeks Old ~







Inki with her mommy, Monkey

~ Two Weeks Old ~








~ One Week Old ~







~ Five Days Old ~







~ One Day Old ~





Dad - UBTooHot            


             Mom - Monkey