We are Kelli and Pat Faram.



Welcome to our home and cattery.
We are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.



As much as we love to have our Bengals running with us in our home - it is not possible with every cat
and at all times.  Intact male AND female cats will spray.  In order to keep our home as clean,
sanitary, and safe as possible for our cats and kittens - we have an in-home and an
outside cattery.  All of our kittens are raised in our home - never in cages!



Our queens have their own rooms to give birth and raise their kittens for the first several weeks.
This gives them the peace and quiet they desire. The rooms are complete with
an exercise wheel to remain in prime condition prior to giving birth. 

As kittens become mobile and start investigating outside their nest, mom and her kittens are soon moved
to a playroom with lots of toys and stimulation.  They remain in this playroom until they are
fully litter box trained and are ready to graduate to the full run of the house. 



Our kittens are socialized by our nieces and nephews,
as well as our dog, Maya.   Meet Maya.



  She thinks she is a Bengal cat.  She loves to wear leopard
clothes. Why?  Because she likes attention too!  



We have quarantine
enclosures for spraying females in heat.  Each enclosure
was custom designed to allow for plenty of space.  They are
complete with lofts, windows, lots of toys and with
access to the play space and cat wheels.



We have an outdoor house for spraying males.  They have a nice indoor space
that is heated and cooled, as well as an attached outdoor run.



We have outdoor play yard to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. They love
to sit and bird-watch.  We have pretty cardinals that visit often.

They also like it when the horses and squirrels come right up to them.



Below is a kitty play yard.  It is designed with special fencing to
prevent cats from escaping over or under the fence.



The kitties love the freedom and exploration.  However, it is not safe for cats and kittens to be outside,
alone, unsupervised.  Our cats are only allowed outside under our close supervision.